I am a language student living in Mongolia since 2018 with my husband and daughter and our Mongolian cat, Sevsger (we picked that name because we were told means “fluffy” but then learned it’s a word no one really uses). I blog about our life in Mongolia at www.ellisonsinmongolia.com

This is where I write about things that matter to me but don’t directly relate to Mongolia: what I’m reading, what I’m learning, what I’m passionate about…those kinds of things.

I was born in the Midwest. I went to university in eastern Canada and earned two graduate degrees from a seminary in Oregon. I’m drawn to jobs where I get to learn, teach, and help people grow, especially leaders or people who are in really difficult life situations (like homeless drug addicts).  But, right now, my introversion is in full-force and I’m focused on surviving in a new country and culture while continuing to do the next right thing…whatever that might be.

This is the day that I joined the community of instapot users…and then had to carry that thing all the way home because we hadn’t learned enough Mongolian to catch a taxi yet. Fun times. 


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