What I Learned August 2019

I’m following the lead of Emily P. Freeman (one of my favorite authors) and have begun keeping notes on what I’ve learned in a given season.  She curates What I’ve Learned posts quarterly.  I’m writing monthly right now (you can read my July post here, I posted it to the wrong blog) because, as a relatively new expat, the learning curve is still HUGE and writing helps me process.

  1. Jessica Fletcher and Agatha Christie are related. Everyone says Jessica Fletcher is a combination of author Agatha Christie and the character Miss Marple.  Everyone.  And I did not know this because I’d never read an Agatha Christie book until this month.

    Murder, She Wrote,
    the 80’s TV series staring Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury), was named after an Agatha Christie book similarly titled Murder, She Saw.  Angela Lansbury played Miss Marple in the movie adaption several years before the Murder, She Wrote TV series began.
    Guys, I’ve been missing out on so much!  (You can check out my August reading list which includes four Agatha Christie books here because I have fallen in love with her narration and characterization).


  2. You should be very careful when plugging a fridge into an extension cord.  Especially (but not only) if  your fridge is old and you live in Mongolia.Because this:
    We went to bed smelling a faint electrical smell but couldn’t find the source.  We assumed it had something to do with the construction in other apartments in our building.

    But I woke up this morning and the smell was stronger so I checked all our outlets again.  I unplugged the fridge when I felt how hot the cord was but didn’t see the damage to the extension cord until later. So, we’re getting a new fridge today.

  3. Kids who participated in the same extracurricular activity for at least two years during high school, especially if they grew in leadership during that time tend to have more grit and are much more likely to succeed in future endeavors. Extracurricular activities could include sports, clubs, jobs, music, or any  number of other things that include focused practice.In her book, GRIT, Angela Duckworth offers a lot of other insight about grit and how to develop it.  Our family is adopting Duckworth’s family rule that everyone has to chose at least one thing to invest in that requires grit (to exercise and grow it) and must stick with that thing for its natural life-cycle (sports season, length of lessons paid for, semester, etc.).

    You can view her Ted Talk here.

  4. Going down the Facebook “Events you might be interested in” rabbit hole can teach you a LOT about your community.  As a result of a 2 hour trip down the rabbit hole last Friday, our family now has tickets for the Mongolia vs. Myanmar soccer (football) game coming up in a few weeks and my 9-year old and I visited a DYI cupcake baking/decorating event nearby that was free.  It was a great way to learn about interesting things happening in our city which leads to meeting new people!
  5. A frond is a giant leaf.  Rattly is the adverb of rattle.  Rattily is the adverb of ratty.  I am learning new things because of my 3rd-graders vocabulary list 
  6. The pain from Trigeminal Neuralgia is worse than giving birth or passing a kidney stone but it happens in your face. Cory was diagnosed last Friday so we’ve been learning a ton about facial nerves, pain killers, anti-convulsants, and how to live life with even less certainty than before.  <– We are not at all excited about this.   I’ll write more eventually.

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.  If you click through to Amazon and end up buying something I’ll get a small commission at no cost to you…which will give me a little more cash to buy more books with.  Everyone wins. 

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